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Our name is Ujima meaning: To build and maintain our community together and make our community’s problems our problems and to solve them together. We believe that the health of one can impact the health of all and change our community

Our symbol -  Mmere Dane translates as 'time changes. ' It represents the temporariness of any particular state of affairs and the transient nature of luck or fortune. The symbol reflects the transitory nature of all things, and implores that one be humble at all times.

Our philosophy - if we change ourselves for the better, we change our communities for the better. We do this through mental and physical health, recognizing the need for self-care, care for those close to us, and care for the larger community. 

Our approach to mental health is integrative. We work with individuals, relationship partners, and family members to determine what is the best approach for them. We use CBT, DBT informed practices, ACT and attachment-based modalities to help you achieve your best life. We partner with other providers to help you develop a holistic approach to mental health by addressing the root causes of your distress. Also we incorporate mindfulness techniques, improved sleeping habits, eating a balanced diet, and recommend exercise to improve your overall functioning. 

Life is particularly stressful during this time of social discord and COVID uncertainty. It is not unusual to experience feelings of anxiety and depression as we all adjust to the present "normal". If you are experiencing sleep disturbances, irritability, or symptoms of depression or anxiety, please contact us to receive a free consultation.

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